The initial phase of My hero academia season 6 saw the heroes launch a deadly attack on the forces of the Supernatural Liberation Front, who, however, managed to counterattack thanks to the overwhelming power of the high-end Nomu and characters like Dabi or Shigaraki. However, the villains are hiding an additional, wacky resource.

After literally pulverizing the Jaku Hospital, Tomura Shigaraki ignores Hero Number One's challenge to track down his main target, the One for all. My Hero Academia's protagonist's secret is seriously compromised, but the strongest career heroes ignore the reality of the facts and defend him. Shigaraki is therefore surrounded by Endeavor, Ryukyu, Eraserhead, Gran Torino, and many others unwilling to see a student die.

Shigaraki slowly captures all of All For One's powers, but in My Hero Academia 6x06 he unleashes the ace of villains. through his voice remembers his most loyal slave: gigantomachy. The hitherto dormant colossus sets out to reach its master and fight at his side.

there March of the Gigantomachy it is as relentless as that of a train in full swing and on the journey separating it from Shigaraki it will bring death and cause. Here's his devastating progression in the My Hero Academia 6x07 trailer.

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