The events of the final episodes of the sixth season of My hero academy They exposed Yuei students to many dangers, and only thanks to attack strategies were they able to solve desperate situations. However, the heroism of one of Deku's companions was rewarded with the addition of some unreleased scenes at the end of the anime.

During the fifth and first episode of the sixth season Bakugo is shown to have grown up and become more aware of his responsibility as a hero. Though he still can't fully embrace Deku's incredible development after inheriting One For All from All Might, Bakugo has managed to put his pride aside and Save the protagonist from a direct attack from Shigaraki.

Bakugo instinctively moved towards Deku in the final sequences of Episode 6x09 to remove him from the rogue strike's trajectory, severely injuring him in the protagonist's place. To honor this heroic gesture that finds even more meaning in the words of All Might or something Every save is a winAt the end of the sixth season, two scenes were added showing a small Kacchan being shaken by the adolescent Bakugo. Did you notice this change in the anime's ending theme? Tell us in the comments.

Here is the trailer for My Hero Academia Episode 6x10, out December 3, 2022 on Crunchyroll.

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