We have archived the Endeavor Arch which, at least temporarily, brought one of the Todoroki family stories to a close. However, the villains on the street are still present while others are behind bars. And he focused on one of them My Hero Academia 5×19, an episode that saw the return of Aizawa.

The Yuei professor went to jail with Present Mic. the Duo meets Kurogiribut what they discover is beyond what they can endure. Aizawa is indeed in tears after discovering that the base of Nomu created by All for One is actually his friend who has long since disappeared. The audience of My Hero Academia made the acquaintance of Oboro Shirakumo, former classmate and close friend of Eraserhead and Present Mic.

Meet the few scenes with Shirakumo as a boy and his friends delighted the audience of My Hero Academiawho flocked to Twitter to comment on the events. Oboro immediately broke into the hearts of anime fans, with many also congratulating on the episode’s overall performance, although there were some criticisms of the implementation of some scenes and their visual impact.

What do you think of this revelation in My Hero Academia 5?

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