After graduating from My Hero Academia 4 earlier this year, fans were already looking forward to watching Deku and his companions as they embark on new adventures and lessons. After all, Kohei Horikoshi's comic has become very popular and has become the mainstay of today's generation of anime and manga.

Little was known so far about the fifth season of My Hero Academia, which was certainly scheduled for 2021 but could slip indefinitely due to the coronavirus. However, it didn't happen because it wasn't just that confirmed the arrival of My Hero Academia 5 in 2021, but the first leaks from Weekly Shonen Jump also revealed the month of release.

My Hero Academia 5 will arrive in spring 2021which always starts in April. Deku and his companions only have a few months to return to the small screen. The season will continue the narrative of the manga and begin at the end of the Endeavor saga. How many episodes and which arcs will be customized in My Hero Academia 5 still remains a mystery, but for sure the first trailers and new information with many unreleased characters will be revealed in the coming months.

Are you ready to dive back into Yuei High and experience the new challenges between the world of heroes and that of criminals?

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