The last episode of My hero academia has reached the heart of the education of grades 1-A and 1-B students, showing their second battle and, in part, the relationship between Hawks and young Fumikage Tokoyami, owner of the Quirk Dark Shadow, and is initially reluctant to follow the teachings of Pro Hero number 2.

Then, during the second inter-class battle at Yuei High School, we are brought back through a flashback, during which the same Hawks admits that he is unwilling or unable to raise the new generation of heroes, but decides to follow Tokoyami because he is particularly interested in his power, and most importantly, in search Helper who can get more information about the Villain Unionpreparing for his undercover mission.

As we learned over the course of the episode, Hawks was still able to teach the young man how to amass the power of Black fallen angelwhich not only allows him to unleash the maximum potential of Dark Shadow, but also to fly. However, Pro Hero # 2 is currently on an extremely dangerous mission Discover the secrets behind biological experiments what Shigaraki and his subordinates are working on.

Recall that season five showed the incredible growth of a student, and we’ll leave our recap of episode 5×05 of My Hero Academia to ours.

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