The common training arc of the My Hero Academia Season 5 comes to an end and ends the clash between the two sections of the UA high school crawlers. In the final round, however, it is just a gesture of extreme sweetness from Ochaco Uraraka to remedy a desperate situation.

In the fifth round of joint training, Midoriya, Uraraka, Mineta and Ashido meet Monoma, Shido, Kodai and Yanagi, supported by the outsider Shinso. Exactly the latter, as at their first meeting, a shake the one for all from Deku.

Just like what happened in the Yuei dormitory during the fight Izuku loses control of One For All that seems to be developing. In the quirk inherited from All Might, a new uniqueness has awakened, the black whip of the fifth Daigoro Banjo Vestige.

However, at the moment, Midoriya is unable to use and control this incredible power, and when it manifests itself during the fight, the boy completely loses control. When it became apparent that the teachers would intervene to end the Games, Uraraka's preventive measures calmed the situation.

The girl suggests to Shinso that Deku falls into the hypnosis of his quirk. In this way, Ochaco saves Midoriya from the explosion of the One For All with a loud slap and a tender hug. loving momentbut it is short-lived; The fight between the two teams is still going on. Will 1-B have managed to win this final round?

Here in detail the new power of One For All has appeared in My Hero Academia 5. Let's find out the fan reaction to My Hero Academia 5x10.

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