After the first two rounds, the battle between Class 1-A and Class 1-B of Yuei High is in a momentary situation. In the third round it will be decided who will take the lead between the two sections. Let's find out what's going to happen in episode 96 of My Hero Academia 5.

With currently one victory eachThe budding heroes of UA High School in their first year are eager to show how much they have improved at fighting tactics using their quirkes.

During the third round, the representatives of Class 1-A are Shoto Todoroki, Ingenium, Tailman and Tentacole, a homogeneous team both in terms of ranged attacks and in terms of speed and physical strength. To oppose them there are Real Steel, Mudman, Spiral and Rocketti, whose strategy is to start attacking immediately so as not to leave time to think about their rivals.

As can be seen from the Preview images From episode 96 posted on Twitter by user Atsushi101X, this third round will be one of the most spectacular and majestic that will be performed during the narrative arc of joint training.

From the pictures of the episode, it is clear that Shoto and Tailman suffer the attack of the class 1-B boys. Forced into hand-to-hand combat From Tetsutetsu, who thanks to his invigorating nature is almost immune to the heat of the flames, the son of Endeavor has to exceed his limits in order to get out of this critical situation.

A review of My Hero Academia 5 shows the grueling training Shoto went through. What will the last anime be? Here's what we know about My Hero Academia 5.

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