With the story of Eraserhead, Present Mic and Kurogiri, the Endeavor Agency Arch comes full circle. There Season 5 of My Hero Academia, after a long and anxious wait, he welcomed the narrative arc most invoked by the community: My Villain Academia.

This new saga, which is built up in the manga before the internship of Deku, Bakugo and Shoto, lets the boys of grade 1-A of Yuei High School see the happenings of the for the first timeAssociation of Villains. However, the criminal group around Tomura Shigaraki was practically absent throughout season 5. Let’s take stock of the situation!

Over the past few seasons, the Villains have had a hit: All For One was defeated and captured by All Might. Tomura Shigaraki is now the sole leader of the Union of Villains. To consolidate his ranks, the young villain is himself associated with overhaul, Leader of the Shie Hassaikai. The Alliance held very little, however.

Chisaki’s group was uprooted by the intervention of the Pro Heroes and the Maximo leader was defeated after a wonderful battle with Deku. However, before he could be imprisoned in Tatar, Overhaul fell victim to one Shigaraki ambushwho takes revenge for his arrogant demeanor.

Since that moment, marking the end of Season 4, the Villain Union has disappeared from the radar. The only one who does noticeable extras is Dabi, who has recruits hero number two Hawks and ambushed Endeavor, against whom he seems to harbor a deep grudge.

According to the Endeavor Agency chapter, the villains have been in their absence an army gathered, ready to set fire to the society of heroes. While we wait for that moment, we leave you with the new season 5 key visual and the recap of this My Hero Academia narrative arc.

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