There fifth season of the animation of My Hero Academia took the opportunity to delve into All Might's past with a moving and emotional scene. At the beginning of the series we saw how Izuku Midoriya inherited the one for all from the smiling symbol of peace, but instead, how and from whom did he get it?

The mighty Quirk still reserves its rights many secrets, both for us viewers and for Midoriya himself. When Izuku deals with the previous owners of One For All, especially Nana Shimura and the first owner, Shigaraki's grandmother and brother of All For One, he doesn't quench his thirst for knowledge and turns to his master to investigate the matter.

During the conversation with the young Midoriya, All Might, now simply Toshoniri Yagi, experiences a memory of him first days as a professional. Like Deku, All Might, having inherited the One for All from Nana Shimura, posed numerous questions about the true meaning of that power and what it meant to be a leader in the society of heroes.

Throughout his career, All Might managed to contain the problem with a bright smile, but although he managed to temporarily end the problem All For One threat, now locked up in Tartarus Prison, it apparently wasn't enough to uproot the bad guys.

Right now, All Might has lost all of its quirks and to fight crime it just has to move on teach his students the values ​​he taught along the way. Would you like to see a spin-off series entirely focused on All Might's past?

Meanwhile, My Hero Academia 5x03 has arrived on Crunchyroll! The battle with 1-B begins in the pictures from My Hero Academia.

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