Now that the final story arc of has started My Hero Academy, marked by some of the most anticipated clashes, Kohei Horikoshi has decided to canonize several characters encountered exclusively in the films of the series within the manga. Here are all the cameos from Chapter 384 entitled It's a Small World.

The drama of the war that Midoriya and the other heroes waged in Japan is being chronicled by media around the world. It is therefore natural that The author wanted to pay homage to some familiar faces in the three films previously released, dedicating them space in the manga and consequently making them part of the series' canon.

In the final tables, while the journalists on board a helicopter try to depict the devastation caused by the clashes and especially by the villains, we note Melissa Shield, born without a quirk like Deku, is one of the main characters in the film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. Soon after, they excel Mahoro and Katsuma ShimanoResidents of the island of Nabu met in Heroes Rising.

To close these returns, we then find Roro and Lala Soul, younger brothers of the irreverent Rody, which is not shown, seen during the final film, My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. Did you notice those cameos in chapter 384? Tell us in the comments.

In the meantime, we remind you that Rody Soul is inspired by a character from Zootropolis and leave you with the theories about Chapter 385 of My Hero Academia.

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