Years ago, it seemed like Toya Todoroki's funeral closed a painful circle for this family. However, Endeavor's eldest son continued to live under the radar until the big revelation during the first war of My Hero Academia. His hatred has returned to burn in the last phase of the manga.

With the division chosen, it was Shoto Todoroki who took it upon himself to defeat Dabi. The two brothers are at Kamino's Ground Zero, where the All Might statue is now being destroyed due to the fusion created by Dabi's heat. That The My Hero Academia villain immediately got his younger brother in trouble who certainly didn't stop to take the hits and reversed the situation with the final action of Chapter 351.

My Hero Academia 352 shows the effects of this new attack by Todoroki, which certainly won't be enough to knock Dabi out. For now, there are three chapters where Horikoshi focused on the two brothers, and there may not even be a fourth, at least for half. There are many scenarios that the author must present before he can begin to pull the strings and then, from time to time, end the various conflicts that are taking place.

My Hero Academia 352 will be released on MangaPlus on May 8, 2022 in different languages.

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