Like many of the other action series in the magazine Weekly shonen jump from Shueisha, the new chapter of My Hero Academia ended with a cute cliffhanger that fans won't see untied until January.

The last act in the series has been more intense than ever since then the heroes and villains gather for a final conflict, and to make it even more exciting is the fact that Kohei Horikoshi himself revealed plans to complete My Hero Academia in a year.

Izuku and the Class 1-A members are preparing for their next step against the villains, and while they are still recovering from the reveal of the great traitor in My Hero Academia 336, this presented a unique opportunity for them too.

But since then Izuku's costume was irreparably damaged while serving as a vigilante, he needs some quick repairs and improvements to his equipment. That said, he'll get a few costume updates and maybe a whole new look with the help of what he finally found Mei Hatsume.

In Chapter 338 of the series, Izuku and the other heroes figure out what to do after the traitor is exposed.

As they prepare for the final battle, Tenya Iida and Izuku realize they need to fix their costumes as their two pieces of equipment were destroyed during Izuku's final battle with Class 1-A when they took him to the Academy. don't want to leave anything to chance, Izuku contacts Mei Hatsume again.

On the way to the development studio, the door explodes again and Hatsume and Izuku find each other for the first time in a long time. exactly how they met.

That also means that Izuku is about to change his gear again For the first time in a while, and given how much he's changed since his time as Dark Deku, Izuku's next hero costume will be dramatically different to not only work with all of his new skills, but also possibly serve as his final costume for the series in general.

This reunion was also eagerly awaited, what do you think? Are you excited to see Mei Hatsume return? What do you hope to see in Deku's next costume? Feel free to let us know all of your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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