Izuku Midoriya has changed a lot over the course of the latest My Hero Academia storyline, but aside from a handful of Heroes and Class 1-A, not many have seen the protagonist's "transformation". Chapter 323 of the manga, which was published on MangaPlus on Sunday, August 23rd, partially satisfied the curiosity of fans and got some unexpected reactions.

Midoriya is now brought back to Yuei High in Chapter 323 of My Hero Academia become an extraordinary defensive fortress that can movewhere the police relocated most of the citizens. The walls, erected at the request of Headmaster Nezu, are meant to protect the innocent from All for One's attacks, but since the beginning of the last chapter it has been clear that not everyone looks positive with the return of the One for All owner.

When Izuku returns to school, shaken by dozens of battles during his vigilante years, many citizens say they are against itas protecting Shigaraki's loot would mean risking the lives of other innocent citizens. Inko Midoriya is one of them, Deku's mother who has the opportunity to see her child again for the first time.

Deku is full of wounds, his clothes are wrinkled and dirty with mud, and his face is frightened and shocked by the reaction of other citizens. Inko bursts into tears and tries to contact her son, but she is stopped by Bakugo's mother, who advises her to be careful not to rush into the crowd with her head bowed. When Uraraka explains what Midoriya had to go through, The mother can't help but keep cryingwhen you think about how many times your child could have risked their life.

The point of view of the supporting characters is often overlooked, but the final chapter of My Hero Academia is intended to make it clear that Deku is primarily a sixteen-year-old boyand that what citizens and heroes ask of him is far from normal.

My Hero Academia returns with Chapter 324 on Sunday, August 29th, again at 5:00 p.m. on MangaPlus. So in a few days we were able to witness a real confrontation between mother and child.

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