While we wait for the battle between Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front to explode again, the final chapter of My hero academia led readers to explore the Todoroki family's past to understand Endeavor's pain and Dabi's motives.

During the war arc, Dabi revealed to the world that he is the prodigal son in an accident of the number one hero. The villain not only revealed his true identity, but also revealed to the world how much Enji Todoroki was a cruel fatheras well as an unworthy husband.

Chapter 301 of the manga My Hero Academia is complete focused on the Todoroki family and her troubled past. Rei Todoroki appeared in the hospital room where Endeavor was being held after the clash with the criminals and let readers know why Toya became Dabi.

In a flashback it is revealed that Enji and his wife have noticed that little Toya is coming burned by its own idiosyncrasy. The boy's parents wondered why and found an answer in the words of a doctor. ""An unusual case. Your son inherited an even more powerful form of the fire-based quirk. However, he physically took it from his mother. This means that it is not meant to withstand flames, but rather is meant to withstand freezing temperatures".

In simpler terms, Dabi's quirk burns at such a high temperature that her body, which has taken on the maternal traits, cannot bear it. Before Endeavor discovered this trait, Toya had already filled Toya with his dreams, and over time the boy became obsessed with the idea Keep the promise made.

The Rejection of his father So he became the criminal known as Dabi. Still striving for the protagonist of My Hero Academia 302. This is where it will come out and what to expect from the next chapter of Horikoshi's work.

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