The last chapter of My hero academia made the fans crazy! In fact, we saw Shoto Todoroki perform as a child in Chapter 301, and he's too delicate. Right now, My Hero Academia is in the process of tackling one of the most intense arcs yet.

In this arch we shall see the immediate consequences of the war against the paranormal liberation front. This war shook the status quo profoundly and not only confirmed the connection between Dabi and the Todoroki family and Endeavor's dark past. Now Endeavor has to deal with his skeletons in the closet!

Chapter 301 of the series begins with a deeper discussion of the dark history of the Todorokiand while this chapter is filled with very moving moments, there was one revelation that impressed fans to the core. In fact, we see Shoto as a kid towards the end of the chapter, and his looks drove the web crazy made the very delicate images of the newborn Todoroki go viralforget the rest for a moment.

At the bottom of this message you can find some fun tweets about Baby Todoroki! While we wait for Chapter 302 to be released, we learn more about Chapter 301 and the past of Endeavor. What do you think of this last chapter? It would be nice to see the other heroes as kids too!

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