My Hero Academia 289 will arrive in November: Deku and Companion Predictions

The fight between the heroes and villains of My hero academia continues on new tracks. Kohei Horikoshi's decision to turn to the Rogue Union actually sparked a new fight that has been in the air for some time.

We are indeed witnessing the clash between Himiko Toga and Ochako Uraraka, two characters who have crossed several times and are very different from each other. In the latest My Hero Academia 288 cartoons, Horikoshi started the conflict between the two students and we still don't know where it will lead.

We'll surely see another scene between the two and the battle it could end in My Hero Academia 289 too. If toga can afford to continue the fight for some time, the same cannot be said for Uraraka, who instead has fewer skills than the opponent. In the absence of external intervention, we could witness Uraraka's escape or victory, but it would be difficult to speak of his defeat as it would inevitably lead to death.

The arrival of the villains in Jaku will lead to other battles as well. It is not inconceivable that the mangaka will begin to prepare another confrontation with more or less subtle references. My Hero Academia 289 won't arrive until November, on the first of the next month at 5:00 p.m. on MangaPlus, due to the break Horikoshi asked for next week to prepare for something mysterious about his brand.

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