We had seen an inversion in the face in My Hero Academia. After some distress, the heroes seemed to have eliminated one of the strongest members of the enemy team, as well as its leader. However, all of this was overturned when the bad guys still stood and worked hard to carry out their plans for destruction.

Tomura Shigaraki is still standing and indeed he mortally wounded Gran Torino, then managed to respond to the attacks by Deku, Endeavor and Ryukyu, and wounded Aizawa with a bullet. The situation for the heroes has therefore deteriorated, but apparently the ground has not yet been touched. Gigantomachy races towards his master and destroys city by city. It seems, therefore, that the young heroes have failed.

My Hero Academia 283 will arrive on September 6th at 6:00 p.m., but what will happen in the next few pages? Gigantomachy's arrival near Jaku is now safe, and the only ones who can try to stop him are the Yuei boys who stayed near the hospital. They are unlikely to be able to stop the giant, but they can slow it down or hope that the serum created by Yaoyorozu will take effect. However, it should not be forgotten that on the shoulders of the monster also stands the rest of the League of Villains, who will inevitably face.

At this point, while Deku will take care of Shigaraki, it is almost certain that a Yuei VS League of Villain round 2 after what was in the woods at the training camp. However, it is certain that In My Hero Academia 283, the heroes will be in dire straits again.

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