The thrilling chapters for My Hero Academia continue. For several weeks now, Kohei Horikoshi has been making stories that are thick and that keep the reader in suspense from start to finish. Let's see what the contents will be spoiler for My Hero Academia 274, which will arrive on Sunday 7 June on MangaPlus in English and Spanish.

Tomura Shigaraki against Endeavor is a reality: the chapter 274 of My Hero Academia it opens like this, following up on the cliffhanger of last week's story. The first images disclosed speak precisely of this clash, as you can see in the gallery below. The title of the chapter is "Research" while Endeavor tries to punch Shigaraki right away.

The enemy jumps into the air and tries to hit the hero who avoids the blow and hits him in the back. Shigaraki is thrown to the ground, but Endeavor is surprised: at that close distance, its flames are intense and whoever touches them is burned. Shigaraki instead seems to have a high-level regeneration quirk and all damage is cured in no time. After that, the villain uses a quirk that creates a kind of air cannon like All for One.

Endeavor asks for reinforcements from anyone who can get there without touching the ground. Among those who move there are Deku and Bakugo, with the protagonist of My Hero Academia who claims to be the target of Shigaraki. If he gets close enough, he could bait and Bakugo will help him in the venture. In the finale, the two young heroes make their way to the main battleground.

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