One of the great directors of Japanese animation is Kunihiko Ikuhara, director of the great masterpiece The Revolution of Utena as well as the extraordinary, experimental and moving Mawaru Penguindrum. To mark the tenth anniversary of the animated series' debut, employees have announced a new project. Here are the details.

After the public was convinced with Sarazanmai in 2019, Ikuhara seems to have returned to pick up one of the most intriguing titles of the past decade, Mawaru Penguindrum, to mark its tenth anniversary. The domain was leaked yesterday ""accompanied by a new Twitter profile that seemed to announce big news for the franchise in the pipeline.

And so it actually was, because the employees announced the film in the last few hours via a press release on the same Twitter profile Re: cycle of the penguin drum produced by Lapin Track Studio, the same one who co-produced Sarazanmai. The staff also announced that they have started a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise around € 77,000 to improve the quality of the film by adding new scenes, new content and music, as this seems like a kind of flashback. However, the team seems to be pointing out that other plans are not yet known, and it is not out of the question that the film could serve as a stepping stone for a new sequel.

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