In less than a month, the anime will be from bleaching will return to Italy thanks to Dynit and Amazon Prime Video, an event our local fans have long been waiting for. What better opportunity than this to dispel two of the most famous myths associated with Tite Kubo's masterpiece?

There are some legends about the Bleach Manga that have existed all over the world. But how much truth is there really behind some of them? In particular, there is no evidence or interviews in which Kubo actually said he was pushed by Akira Toriyama, the father of Dragon ball, at a difficult moment during the serialization of the manga. In fact, the sensei only states that he appreciated Toriyama's work so much without ever referring to the famous episode.

On the occasion of an old interview, he adds:

""Although my editor had always spoken to me about a long series, he often said to me, "Kubo-kun, you will probably get tired in 2 or 3 years." To tell the truth, I'm the type of guy who gets lost interest in things very easily. When Bleach started I never thought it could take that long. I grew up next to the characters and drew their different aspects at the same time. Before I knew it, the series had long been serialized. "

It seems so too Shueisha never refused to serialize Bleach because it is seen as too similar Yu Yu HakushoIn fact, the publisher appears to have pushed for the work to be promoted after Tite Kubo's idea reached the top of the polls. The author would therefore never have tried to convince Jump to publish his work, but the sensei managed to cut out his space thanks to a valid project.

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