While cosplay, dedicated to one of the most beloved comic book characters, continues, Marvel has announced a new work that will focus on. concentrated Hatch cage, Superhero who will be at the center of events in an unreleased series.

There are a lot of fans hoping to review the character played by Mike Colter because right now we don’t know what the future of the Netflix series dedicated to the superhero of wonder, but in the meantime the House of Ideas has announced that the first volume of a new miniseries entitled “Luke Cage: City of FireDivided into three parts, it tells the story of Luke Cage, who tries to defeat the mysterious group nicknamed Regulators and get the attention of himself Daredevil and Wilson Frisk. At the bottom of the news you will find the cover designed by Taurine Clarke, while the band is written by Ho Che Anderson with illustrations by Farid Karami.

Here is the author of the story’s comment: “I can’t express how excited I am to be working on a Marvel project and with the talented people who chose to work with me. You gave me the opportunity to analyze a topic that interests me a lot, through the eyes of one of my favorite characters as a kid, I am ready to work to the point of exhaustion to repay that trust. Fortunately, my colleagues make me look better than I really am“.

To conclude, here is the announcement of a new Marvel release.

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