Marvel Comics has just been unveiled to the public extraterrestrial, a new comic series based on the famous Ridley Scott saga. The publisher received the rights after The Walt Disney Company acquired 20th Century Fox and is now ready to start the series written by Philip Kennedy Johnson and drawn by Salvador Larroca.

""As a reader and fan of the series, I was instantly thrilled to learn that the franchise was coming to Marvel"Johnson stated in his first interview"and when they asked me to write the beginning of the story, I was amazed. I have been preparing for this job all my life without even knowing it. I saw the first of Scott's films when I was a kid and have since become obsessed with Xenomorphs, the only and most iconic portrayal of terror in films. "

Alien has received dozens of transpositions in the past forty years. all made and distributed by Dark Horse Comics. However, as of 2019, the music has changed and, finally, Marvel also has the option to restart this incredible series in the comics field. The appointment is March 24, 2021, the release date of the first volume.

And what do you think about it They are interested? Let us know with a comment! We still remind you of Marvel Comics and remind you that many new series will be released in 2021, including Non-Stop Spider-Man and Black Knight: The Curse of the Ebony Blade.

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