Made in Abyss: climax officially announced, final conclusion?

Not everyone will know it, however Made in the abyss It is one of the most discussed paper productions in recent years, especially in Japan. The creature of Akihito Tsukushi In fact, it was able to reach a large following and even conquer the western public thanks to its history and artistic style.

The production currently comprises a total of nine volumes - eight of which have been translated into Italian - that have taken readers on a fascinating and sometimes frightening journey, an epic of great discoveries and unforgettable faces, but which could now reach a very important turning point. As revealed several times on Twitter, it actually seems that way The tenth volume in the series will represent this long-awaited climax this has literally kept the audience in suspense for years.

The news obviously surprised many people and many were already talking about an impending end. In fact, the climax in Japanese productions very often serves to identify not only a point of great importance within a plant, but also its conclusion. That is why it is It is reasonable to believe that the tenth number of Made in Abyss will officially close the story This has kept us busy for eight years, although this possibility has not yet been officially confirmed.

Before we greet you, we would like to remind you that in the past few months there has been a lot of talk about how Made in Abyss also conquered Hideo Kojima. In addition, some time ago the Mangaka Made in Abyss was revealed in an interesting video interview.

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