Publication of the story Look back by Tatsuki Fujimoto, famous author of the Chainsaw Man series, has caught the attention of many readers and has great success, especially for the subjects covered. After the announcement of a Tankobon edition of the One Shot, the Shueisha publishing house has unveiled the official cover of the volume.

The unique and touching story of the two young mangaka Ayumu Fujino and Kyomoto was first published on the Manga Plus platform on July 18, 2021, which is immediately recognized as an intimate and surprising story, especially if we take into account the tones used by Fujimoto compared to what he read in Chainsaw Man. Given the overwhelming success and the amazing response, the publisher announced the release of a physical version of Look Back, planned for September 3, 2021, which recently unveiled the cover that Fujimoto designed specifically for the individual band.

Although the story spans several years,Mangaka illustrationwhich you can see in the @ WSJ_manga post below, Ayumu still appears as a young college student drawing in her bedroom, surrounded by books, manuals and drawings to improve her style.

Lastly, remember that even Inio Asano was impressed by the story, and we’ll leave it to our review.

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