Greg Street, creative director of Riot Games, announced a few moments ago that the animated television series League of Legends: Arcane will not be released in 2020 as previously announced. The cause, according to what was stated, would be linked to some production problems that arose due to the health emergency.

"We are all disappointed here in Riot", wrote Street,"we couldn't wait to show you the series, but in this case we must think first of all about the health conditions of our workers. Our new plan is to release League of Legends: Arcane over the course of 2021, then continue to follow us to discover many other news"The creative director also said that working for months in smart working has led to significant slowdowns, and that it takes a little more time to be able to produce a high quality series.

The animated series of League of Legends was announced for the first time in October 2019, along with the names of the producers and part of the staff. Apparently the French study Fortiche Production would be taking care of the animations of what should be the "first of several seasons". The series is aimed at an audience over 14.

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