Almost a year after the release of the second cour episodes of La Via del Grembiule, Netflix announced that season 2 of the anime is now almost ready for release. Here are all the details on the upcoming return of the "immortal dragon", aka the homeland of the Yakuza.

Netflix TUDUM 2022 saw a lot of anime-themed news and among them, one of the most popular among fans was the announcement of the second anime season of The Way of the Apron - The Homemade Yakuza. As revealed during the event, the series from Kousuke Ono's manga will premiere in January 2023. Production by animation studio JC Staff and direction by Chiaki Kon have been confirmed, as have the rest of the staff and voice casting.

The first anime season debuted worldwide April 2021 on Netflix with five episodes and returned in October 2021 with five more episodes. La Via del Grembiule topped Netflix Japan's top 10, even surpassing Jujutsu Kaisen.

Besides the first part, La Via del Grembiule season 2 could also be divided into two cours, each lasting five episodes. The plot tells the story of legendary boss of the yakuza known as the "Immortal Dragon" who, after retiring from the world of organized crime, continues the life of a devoted housewife husband.

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