The opening of an official Twitter account and the publication of a press release confirmed the production of an anime adaptation of the manga, written and illustrated by Fir trees ni Hakkou, Kono healer, Mendokusai. The statement included the project’s first promotional image, but no production details.

Tannen ni Hakkou began to publish the manga through digital services Nico Nico Seiga Y. ComicWalkeras well as through the magazine Monthly comic flap hatch from the publisher Kadokawa since July 2019. The publisher will publish the third compilation volume on April 23 in Japan.

It should be noted that the production of an animation project has already been announced from the headline of the second compilation volume released in Japan in September 2020. However, the nature of the writing at the time indicated that it was a joke, as it goes: «An animation project is in progress ?! (ア ニ メ 化 企 画 進行 進行!?)».

Kono Healer Synopsis, Mendokusai

Fantasy-adventure-comedy starring a dark elf cleric who has invested too much in his abusive skills and his partner, the swordsman, who has to put up with his antics. How will your relationship develop when you go on a mission as an adventurer?

Fountain: Comic Natalie

(c) Fir trees ni hakkou


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