Masami Kurumada launched the Saint Seiya project in the 80s, published in Weekly Shonen Jump, which quickly became a huge success, stimulating the acquisition of the rights to this license abroad as well. However, everyone who grew up during this period knows him by name The Zodiac Knights.

Even American fans really appreciated this series, known by them as Knights of the Zodiac or the English homonym of the local version. Few know, however, that success made one think of one upon arrival Knights of the Zodiac Cartoon.

The YouTuber Ray Mona, who had previously researched and documented for the American series Sailor Moon, did a similar job for Seiya and his companions by placing the video at the top shows the Guardians of the Cosmo pilot, the guardians of the cosmos, the name this series would take. The series was conceived in the '90s but quickly scrapped, and this pilot is the only evidence of a project that never saw the light of day.

Thanks to the support of President Frank Ward of Bandai America, Ray Mona was able to obtain the material from the Library of Congress and thus create this video, which has been staged on Youtube for the past few days. Ray was originally looking for Mona Fragments of the StarStorm series, potentially the first American live-action Knights of the Zodiac, but later came across this video and decided to focus the video's attention on this project. The series would have immediately highlighted the five main knights of Saint Seiya and then made them clash with some golden knights thanks to the strength of their cosmos.

Now, many years later, a live-action Knights of the Zodiac is about to be released.

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