Aka Akasaka is preparing his next manga, but the author still has work to do at the moment. In addition to Oshi no Ko, who is responsible for the screenplay, he has da close Kaguya-sama: Love is Warthe romcom appearing in Weekly Young Jump in recent years have made it known to the general public.

Akasaka has announced for some time that the finals are very close and now everything has been confirmed: Kaguya-sama Love is War ends in four chapters, or with chapter 281. The manga will consist of 28 volumes in total. And it is precisely in this respect that the publisher has betrayed it Cover of Volume 27 of Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

However, Aka Akasaka chose to draw a large illustration to be shared on the last two covers. So we have a modular image, with the first half visible at the end of Volume 27: here the male lead is Miyuki Shiroganeflanked by Chika Fujiwara, Nagisa and Tsubaki and finally Yu Ishigami.

So there will be Kaguya Shinomiya along with Ai Hayasaka and Miko Iino on the last cover of the manga that will be released in Japan in a few months. Meanwhile, there will also be the release of Kaguya-sama's film in the coming months.

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