In 2018 he made his debut on Weekly Shonen Jump - following a series of one-shots that were then compiled into a special single volume - the manga Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami. This shonen has a much darker bias than other peers in the same magazine or other manga from other publishers and this has recently been seen.

The protagonist is Yuji Itadori, a high school student with incredible physical strength and a courageous nature who confronts the world of curses. And that very event will lead him there Become the new ship of the terrible Ryomen Sukuna which will begin the story of Jujutsu Kaisen. Because of this, Yuji will be forced to enter this parallel universe where wizards live hidden from normal people and are subject to curses thanks to the evil energy in his possession.

To date, Yuji has never shown any particular affinity for evil energy, nor has he ever exploited any technique other than physical enhancements. Much of his strength came from Ryomen Sukuna, the evil cursed spirit capable of destroying everything and spreading doom far and wide with a few gestures. However, the evil Ryomen Sukuna messed everything up by capturing Megumi's body and abandoning Yuji. And what awaits the protagonist now?

Without Sukuna's presence in his body, Yuji is no longer immune to the soul manipulation technique, although for now the technique used by Mahito doesn't seem dangerous anymore, although it could keep coming back because of Kenjaku. However, as Satoru Gojo said in the past, the body of Yuji may have adopted Sukuna's technique.

Now is the time Awaken all of Itadori's cursed techniqueswho can do nothing but stand up and answer the last enemy of the manga from which he finally broke away.

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