Gege Akutami has decided to overturn the course of the culling game by revealing organizer Kenjaku's true plans in the final chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen. While the protagonists are unaware of the villain's plans, the villain tries to reach Tengen in the Tomb of the Star Corridor as quickly as possible.

Yuji and Megumi are finally reunited and plotting a path Save Fushiguro's sister before the tournament, to which all wizards were compulsorily invited. However, the culling play turned out to be just the first phase of Kenjaku's strategy for to give birth to a new breed of cursed spiritswhich fuse those unable to harness the cursed energy with the immortal Tengen.

However, to achieve his goal, Kenjaku found himself against Choso. Despite knowing that he is inferior in strength and skill to his opponent, Choso tries in any way he can to fight him off and avenge his brothers' deaths. In which Final tables of Chapter 203the wizard tries everything, knowing he doesn't stand a chance now, and tries to get Kenjaku to use the expansion of his domain.

A move that would order Choso's death, but that would allow one Yuki Tsukumo to deal a decisive blow to Kenjaku, maybe even able to kill him. How do you think the fight will end? Tell us in the comments. In conclusion, we leave you with the updated list of the strongest characters of Jujutsu Kaisen according to the author.

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