Yuji Itadori is now used to facing opponents who are apparently more powerful and dangerous than him, but the beginning of the Culling Game, the bloody tournament organized by Kenjaku, proved to be quite difficult for him and Megumi. The two, immediately separated, had to survive several attacks and forged dubious alliances.

In Chapter 163, which you can find on Manga Plus, Gege Akutami has managed to create an atmosphere full of tension and tension, played on the continuous scene changes between Yuji following Amai's instructions to reach Higuruma, one of the main goals of the protagonists, and in the same way Megumi, who trusts Remi, finds herself before Reggie, the seedy figure who showed up at the end of the last appointment.

Upon arrival at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, Yuji meets Higuruma. Although the protagonist kindly asks him to cooperate and use the points accumulated to add rules that could end the tournament, Higuruma seems not only not to want to listen to Yuji, but rather proves to be in favor of "competition", and when Itadori tries the hard way, he seems intent on unleashing his powers. Higuruma could turn out to be a more dangerous opponent than expected considering he was able to score a lot of points very quickly.

We remind you that the trailer of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 has been released and leave to a faithful cosplay dedicated to Sukuna.

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