The legend of Boruto: Naruto the next generations It became the main work Masashi Kishimoto is working on after the flop of Samurai 8. However, sales of the Naruto sequel are not good at all, they are actually in a steady decline that has only recently stabilized.

In anticipation of Boruto Chapter 65, which is expected on Manga Plus in less than two weeks, a fan shared an iconography on the network showing the dates of Orikon, the famous portal that collects information on the sale of various manga in order to analyze the case followed by a Naruto spin-off.

The graph in question, attached at the bottom of the news, confirms a rather important drop since the release of the first volume, apart from a brief and very slight recovery on the occasion of the 13th Tankobon. Of the 350,000 copies of Volume 1, the franchise has actually slightly exceeded the 100,000 copies sold, an important figure but justified by several factors:

  • Shueisha it doesn't sponsor the manga on a massive scale, but rather the anime, which is also the workhorse of TV Tokyo;
  • Sales, while low for a franchise like Naruto, are partially tempered by the manga's publication in a monthly magazine. VJUMP, which is certainly less popular than Weekly Shonen Jump;
  • Moreover, the decline is stabilizing and the saga is unlikely to exceed the threshold of 100,000 copies. After all, not even Dragon Ball Super can boast much higher sales figures than Boruto, a manga also published on VJUMP;

Against this background, the data situation is still positive and the cancellation risk remains only a currently unproven hypothesis. And you instead, what do you think of these results? Let us know with a comment below.

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