Right now, it's December 25th in Japan and cinemas will be showing in a few hours Josee, the tiger and the fish, the BONES film based on the novel by Seiko Tanabe. On the occasion of its cinema debut, the studio has decided to release the first four minutes of the film, and there is already talk on the internet of a possible arrival on Netflix.

A good number of BONES films are already available on the streaming platform. including the two My Hero Academia films, recently also arrived in Italy. This new film should, in theory, follow the same path as A Whisker Away and arrive more on Netflix than in western theaters.

The story of Josee, the tiger and the fish tells the relationship between the young student Tsuneo and the beautiful Josee, a girl who is confined to a wheelchair for health reasons. The two meet by chance one morning on a walk between Josee and her grandmother and form a special relationship. The work inspired a first live-action adaptation in 2003 and a subsequent South Korean remake that hit theaters on December 10th.

What do you think about it? Are you going to restore this movie? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. In the meantime, we remind you that tomorrow, on Christmas Day, the new Pokémon movie, entitled Pokémon: Coco, will also debut in Japan.

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