While fans of the anime enjoy the announcement of Jojo: Stone Ocean on Netflix, there is a much more niche audience that has known the stories of Hirohiko Araki for much longer. In fact, readers of the manga have struggled with the subtitle part eight of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for ten years Jojolion.

As always, new protagonists and new locations who have been in the spotlight since 2011 Ultra Jump, a monthly magazine from Shueisha. Month for month, Hirohiko Araki drew her longest running serieswhich is now at the end. In the last issue it was even announced that Jojolion would be ready in August. The end of another generation, which is imminent with the last chapter, is expected in Japan in a few days.

Considering that Jojolion is one of Ultra Jump's most important series, it might just deserve the cover for its final chapter. Manga user Mogura RE shared this Ultra Jump cover with the latest Jojolion chapter, designed in the full Araki style. The protagonist Josuke Higashikata wears a gray suit with the face of the Soft & Wet Stand, but blends in with the background, accompanied by phosphorescent colors. A stylish finale to the eighth manga series.

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