Jojo: what will be the next anime project for the series?

The fifth season of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures , Vento Aureo, ended last year, and presented us with the adventures of Giorno Giovanna, son of the villain Dio Brando, against the mafia association known as La Passione, and of course also his boss, Devil.

In this span of time, fans continue to wonder when we will know some details concerning the sequel to the anime series based on the work of Hirohiko Araki, and while it is almost obvious to assume a return with the sixth season, Stone Ocean, the announcement of a Warner Bros. panel scheduled for the next month made us think of numerous, and possible, projects in store for the series.

The first hypothesis, probably the most concrete, concerns precisely Stone Ocean, which should bring to the screens the adventures of Jolyne Kujo, daughter of the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro Kujo. Certainly one of the most extravagant stories of the entire franchise created by Araki.

The second possibility concerns a light novel written by Kohei Kadono and illustrated by Araki himself, or Purple Haze Feedback. In the 6 months following what told in Vento Aureo we see Pannacotta Fugo, owner of the Purple Haze Stand, leaving the Bucciarati group, as he was unable to hit the boss of Passion, Devil.

As for one of the next projects that many fans would like to see made in anime, it is the transposition of the "seventh season"Steel Ball Run, which follows Johnny Joestar's adventures in an alternate reality, during a horse race in the United States of 1890.

Although the first series, which includes Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, is relatively recent, or in 2012, it is not impossible to think of a remake that could also extend to the third season. Also it is possible that Rohan Kishibe, a character who appeared in Diamond is Unbreakable, will get a new OAV.

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