Chainsaw man is one of the craziest and most unpredictable manga currently published in Weekly Shonen Jump. Tatsuki Fujimoto managed to get his vision of things from Jump +, where he published Fire Punch, into the big magazine, which at the time was full of devils and a plot that doesn't seem to follow its cannons in the least.

Recent events have seen a total upheaval in Chainsaw Man. Aki dead, power dead, Denji of Makima mentally destroyed. Creepy scenes that seemed like a crossroads for a moment in the series. But the Chapter 83 of Chainsaw Man has once again upset expectations by showing readers absurd scenes.

Kishibe has finally made his move as a series of dead and living demons moving alongside Makima, including Beam and Power who seem to have stayed loyal to the chainsaw devil trapped in Denji. This scene ends with a cannon shot that gets Makima in trouble when a team fires multiple bullets at her, injuring her.

However, the woman is still alive and manages to manipulate Denji, who decides to save her, perhaps inadvertently. While Kishibe men summon the devil of hell, the protagonist of Chainsaw Man transforms in a whole new way and instantly tears apart the new enemy devil. What will happen to Denji and what will happen in Chainsaw Man?? Meanwhile, the Weekly Shonen Jump Manga is seeing more and more.

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