Among the numerous characters of JoJo's bizarre adventure: Golden Wind One of the most important is certainly Bruno Bucciarati. The man is at the head of the team that the protagonist Giorno Giovanna will join. Let's discover the leader's skills together.

Like many of the protagonists too Bucciarati He suffered from an unfortunate past and soon found himself in the Passione mafia association and was protected by it. When the man discovered that this was also the cause of the drug's spread, he decided to do it found a team of trustworthy members, in which Fugo, Mista, Abbacchio and Narancia take part, with the aim of cleaning the Italian streets of crime.

The stand it is equipped with Sticky fingersIt represents exactly the method with which a person wants to achieve his goal. In fact, he does not intend to seek any number of murders that he could carry out, but prefers go through cross streets, represented by the ability to make hinges appear on surfaces that are more likely to be used to catch an enemy. This can be seen in the case of Mario, whose head was removed with the help of the above power so that Bruno's group could torture him.

The opening of these zippers then corresponds to the young person's ability to escape unscathed from dangerous situations and always to find oneOpenness to the future. In fact, the boy can walk through the surface with his companions and thus escape numerous enemies. Even the gentle side of Bucciarati is represented by its own stand. in fact he is able to use the hinges for Reattach the mangled body parts of her friends.

In summary, the team leader's power coincides with his own hope for the futureAdopt non-lethal methods and trust in the companions.

I also remember Bucciarati herself changing Narancia's life in JoJo's bizarre adventure: Vento Aureo. For those interested, I will also report on the author of JoJo's bizarre adventures: Vento Aureo and his love for Italy.

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