A year has passed since early December 2021 when Netflix added Jojo: Stone Ocean to its catalogue. The adventures of the Joestar family had begun again under the David Productions bannerwith the first episodes being ported to the streaming platform and then to Japan.

However, as of December 1st, the final part of Jojo: Stone Ocean is available on Netflix. This ends the sixth part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, with the story of Jolyne Kujo, which ends in a very special way. The confrontation with Enrico Pucci, the opponent chosen by Hirohiko Araki for this part, is not easy to understand, also because of his special power. So here is an explanation of the ending of Jojo: Stone Ocean.

Enrico Pucci won. His "Made in Heaven" stand allowed him to recreate the universe, albeit with one flaw: Emporio was able to survive, but only he. Through a mistake by Pucci, he manages to gain the powers of the weather report and thus defeat the priest. A new reality is born, this time not influenced by Enrico Pucciwhere all the known characters are present but who have lived a different life thanks to a new course in this universe.

And with this end of the universe, a new generation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is bornwhich, however, may not be monitored by David Production.

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