Gatsu was with his group on his way to the island of elves, the place where Caska could be healed, while Griffith was in Falconia. The legend of berserk resumed after the death of Kentaro Miura, but has reserved some surprises, such as the arrival of the white falcon in this fantastic land populated by elves and witches.

But now that cycle is over. Kouji Mori and Studio GAGA have completed this adventure and are now taking people back to familiar continents. However, Berserk 370 plunged Gatsu into despair. The black warrior was powerless, unable to defend Caska from Griffith's invasion, and now he doesn't know what to do.

The new Berserker saga begins with these premises, a saga that will be the first not conceived by Kentaro Miura, or rather the first not to start with the direction of the original mangaka. Of course, Kouji Mori won't invent anything and will only be based on his friend's thoughts and legacies, but in any case it will be something different than it originally would have been.

Considering that the mangaka and the assistants will limit themselves to saying what they know without hesitation, the potential for it This saga of Berserker is based on a very high level of training. Gatsu needs to push his limits and understand why he wasn't able to dent Griffith, perhaps with the help of the Skull Knight. It would start like this What would be the penultimate Berserker saga before the final attack on the White Hawk's castle.

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