Qatar 2022 World Cup brings a lot of joy to fans of different teams around the world. Who with the three games in the group stage can celebrate is certainly Japan. The boys from the Far East ended up in a difficult group with giants Spain and Germany, but made their people very happy.

The first game between Japan and Germany will be remembered as the game of Holly and Benji: a great victory for the Japan national team that left everyone at home in awe, with even the author of Blue Lock congratulating the team on the win. The game against Costa Rica didn't arouse the same emotions and actually jeopardized Japan's qualification. However, that changed with seen the company in Japan VS Spain.

This game was played on December 1, 2022, where Spain had taken the lead but the duo of Ritsu Doan and Ao Tanaka brought it down within just three minutes early in the second half. 2-1 final and Japan take first place in a difficult group as the Japanese take to the streets of Tokyo to celebrate. However, there are those who partied behind their desk: The author of Blue Lock made another special illustration to pay tribute to his national team's amazing result, as you can see below. How many other drawings will come from the popular Spokon's mangaka?

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