We covered the new psychological thriller, which hit Crunchyroll in early 2020, in its entirety of twelve episodes in the In/Spectre review. The anime that tells the story of Kotoko and Kuro had already provided news for the second season in spring/summer 2022.

Additional material arrived on November 15: The official website of the manga television anime In/Spectre by Shirodaira and Katase was released third promotional video for the second season of the anime, which can be viewed in the box at the top of the news page. The trailer looks very somber in the first few moments, while the other side of the franchise shines after the first half minute. Many of the characters that fans of the brand have come to love are back. The short tasting ends with the magical vision of fireworks coloring a starry night sky.

In addition, the promo presents a preview of the Opening theme of the anime Yotogibanashi (Story for a Vigil) by KanoeRana. While in the last titles they remember the collaborators: Keiji Gotoh, whose work has already been recognized in Kiddy Grade, Endride, Sengoku Collection, is again the director of the anime of In / Specter and Noboru Takagi, who worked in Durarara! !, Golden Kamuy, Kuroko's basketball, returns to the field as a screenwriter.

The second season of In/Spectre was originally scheduled for October 2022 but was pushed back to January 2023. The anime will premiere on January 8th on Tokyo MX, January 9th on BS NTV and January 14th on Animax. What do you think of this new trailer? Change a little bit Genre, in the same days there is the debut of My Life as Inukai-san's Dog in Japan

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