Yoshihiro Togashi is getting more and more sociable after returning to the job ad Hunter X Hunter. At a fast pace, albeit slowly, the sensei continues to draw his manga and keep readers updated on the status of the new chapters through his social channels.

The affection that binds readers Togashi can be summed up in several factors, one of which is the recent sales data of Volume 37 of Hunter x Hunter which despite the 4 year hiatus has captured hundreds of thousands of copies shipped in a few days. As if that wasn't enough, the author has even become, and even surpassed, the most-followed mangaka of all time on Twitter in a very short space of time Kohei Horikoshi.

And always on the blue social network, currently owned by Elon Musk, the sensei updates his readers on the status of the works on a daily basis. In fact, in the last twitter, Master stated that he had done it Completed all chapters up to 399 to then share a picture of #395, same attached below, next in order of publication. In the description it shows the presence of a character, but missing from the finished tablet, which was originally present in the manuscript.

But how long do you think Hunter x Hunter will continue at the current pace? Let us know with a comment below.

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