The manga of Hunter X Hunter stands still for too long as Yoshihiro Togashi is in the middle of his longest break since serialization began. At this time, the master has not provided any details or updates on his health or the state of the work of his work, but fans continue to support him.

With such capricious serialization and articulate storyline, Hunter x Hunter could only be that far from the finale and likely will be for a long time if the sensei doesn't get back behind the editorial desk of Weekly shonen jump. Even so, the support of the readers is commendable, who continue to dedicate epic manifestations of creativity to the franchise, some of which are also quite original and interesting.

Crayon DeathnoteIn fact, he returned to get his hands on Artbreeder and Photohsop and try to reconstruct the faces of two famous characters from Hunter x Hunter. Hisoka is Illumi. The result in question is available in the image gallery at the bottom of the news. You may therefore notice a somewhat disturbing resemblance to the original characters, a graphic representation that perfectly manages to emulate the characteristics of two individuals that are as mysterious as they are complex.

And you, on the other hand, what do you think of these two thematic illustrations, do they seem pretty coherent? Let us know yours as usual with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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