With the departure of Shonen Jump +, many authors who once published Shonen Jump in Weekly without fruit have found a new life. There are those who were saved as Tatsuya Endo by Spy x Family, while those who expressed themselves at their best, like Tatsuki Fujimoto with Fire Punch. It also belongs to the first category Naoya Matsumoto with Monster # 8.

After two failed mangas, the mangaka is back with Monster # 8 a few months ago. The work proved to be an immediate success: on Shonen Jump + alone with the first chapter Monster # 8 it received over a million hits. The trend didn't stop and quickly became one of the rising stars of the digital shueisha app.

After the first few months of publication, however, the second big test of Monster # 8 has arrived, which now has to face the Japanese comics. The first volume in history actually went on sale on December 4th. Shueisha seems to have a lofty goal as it has printed up to 200,000 copies, very many for a manga that doesn't have a famous name. And it seems that the first results since then have proven him right In the Shoseki charts, Monster # 8 is currently in sixth place after industry giants like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The first few days could mark the birth of a manga with a commercially bright future. We'll see from now on Which way will Naoya Matsumoto's work go?.

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