Yoshihiro Togashi always did many pauses during the release of Hunter x Hunter. His third manga in the first serialization period took a break every 3 or 4 chapters while the breaks became extremely long from 2009 onwards. Hunter x Hunter was hit by the breaks but is still popular today.

In late October, Hunter x Hunter returns with Chapter 391, the first in many years of absence. On Monday the 24th of Weekly Shonen Jump, readers will finally be satisfied. But exactly how much time has passed since the last chapter of Hunter x Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 390 was released on November 26th, 2018 exactly. In practice four years have elapsed, more precisely three years and eleven months will elapse between chapter 390 and the next, 391. Basically the The distance between the two chapters is 1427 days.

A huge number that also represents that longer break from Yoshihiro Togashi, which until a few years ago were at most on the stop year, at most two. Now we have to hope Togashi is fit enough to sustain a more consistent sequel of at least a dozen chapters or so a year.

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