Cross and Delight is for manga fans Hunter X Hunterthe manga by Yoshihiro Togashi, came to Weekly Shonen Jump in 1998 after experiences with Yu degli Spectra and Level E. Togashi is known to have various health issues, particularly those related to his back, which have prevented him from being in constant release over the years.

The breaks in the manga have resulted in a fickle serialization, with around ten chapters being released roughly every year, except for special cases like the past few years. Now the situation has changed: After the last chapter round, which was completed in December 2022, Togashi announced changes in future releases. It is therefore not known when Hunter x Hunter will return, nor even if Weekly Shonen Jump will continue.

And official information must come from the magazine. Shueisha Magazine has confirmed in the past that it is waiting for more news in the coming months and that moment seems to have arrived. According to the first leaks from the magazine, it seems so There will be information about Hunter x Hunter in Weekly Shonen Jump #14. It's not clear what it's referring to, whether it's the medium in general or the manga, so we'll just have to wait and understand what will be revealed.

The information will officially arrive on March 5, 2023, but given the numerous leaks on the net, it is likely that we will know more as early as the middle of next week, between March 1st and 2nd, maybe even a few days earlier is something important information about Hunter x Hunter and his manga.

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