When publishing in chapters, mangakas often don't draw the tables as they would like due to time constraints. Sometimes there are distractions or even important mistakes that are corrected during the volume version. And the A lot happens in Hunter x Hunterespecially in the last chapters of a publication cycle.

However, Togashi strives to remake certain cartoons or even entire pages in the long span of time that separates one volume from another. The Twitter page HxH Source has collected all these changes, compare pages from the volume released four years ago and those contained in the new volume recently released in Japan.

Volume 37 of Hunter x Hunter has chapters from 381 to 390, then the chapters presenting the evil incarnations of Tserriednichs nen, the fourth prince of Kakin, who underwent a complete overhaul in the color range, moving from a pure white to a range of hues. There is also i famous chapters with wall of text, many written almost like a novel on many all-white cartoons. In reality, the latter must have had backgrounds that are in any case largely covered by the writings.

However, the difference is noticeable, starting with the tweet below. Clicking on it opens the topic with all the pages and comparisons that there are so many.

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