Hunter X Hunter is known for being one of the best Shonen and fans continue to support the series despite the long hiatus. While its creator, Yoshihiro Togashi takes care of his health, the Hunter x Hunter fandom is doing everything possible to keep the series alive.

On YouTube, an indie production studio called Re: Anime, released a trailer of a Hunter x Hunter live action. You can find the trailer in all its glory at the end of this article.

The trailer begins with playing cards on the ground, remains of a battle. The scene changes and let's see a series of illuminated silhouette shots of Gon and Hisoka. The two are in the shadows, so we can't say whether they're well represented or not.

Unfortunately, we cannot count on new chapters so quicklyand the Hunter x Hunter series is famous for its long breaks. After a brief return in 2018, Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus since early 2019Hunter x Hunter is taking two years off this year for a total of 96 issues of Weekly Shonen Jump published without the support of Gon. The longest uninterrupted period was 2011-2012 with 30 consecutive weekly Shonen Jump publications. Even though the manga is rumored to be returning in the coming weeks, all we have to do is wait and hope for a new chapter to arrive!

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