Over the years, fans of the Multiverse series Marvel Comics had the opportunity to see numerous versions of the brilliant scientist Bruce Banner and his transformation, Hulk , in which the nemesis par excellence of the green giant seems to have shown great interest.

Bruce's archenemy, Samuel Sterns, is also known as The Leader and has indeed spent a lot of time "Collect" all versions of his nemesisThen he began directly provoking and threatening Banner, an event that earned the Devil Hulk, as seen in volume 38 of the Immortal Hulk series.

The number begins with the continuation of mental confrontation between banner and starand shows us how he used the protagonist's weaknesses and fragility again to imprison other versions of the Hulk, including the very evil creature known as the Devil Hulk or Brian Banner, the father of Bruce.

During the fight and in the face of another provocation Bruce hears the voice of the Devil Hulkwho enters the scene with the gorgeous table below and promises Sterns to take revenge for the behavior he had towards his son and says that he will "Take it personally".

We remember it Marvel gave the Hulk: Maestro series a trailer, and we're leaving you to announce the Immortal She-Hulk series.

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